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World Offshore Wind Forum signs MoU with Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Today, April 28, 2022, the World Forum Offshore Wind (WFO) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a leading Taiwanese think tank, the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). The agreement covers three main areas of development:

1. Create platforms to promote, stimulate opportunities and match offshore wind-related industries between Taiwan and international stakeholders.

2. Develop and collaborate on campaigns or projects related to the offshore wind industry.

3. Cultivate professional talents and training opportunities in the offshore wind industry.

These are key areas for the continued development of the offshore wind industry in Taiwan, and to secure its position as a regional leader not only in offshore wind, but also in the transition to a green economy and industry. This MoU signing ceremony was signed by the WFO representative in Taiwan, Mr. David Chiang, and the Vice President of TIER, Dr. Chunto Tso, in the presence of the Director of the Trade Council of Denmark, Mr. Bo Mønsted, and the President of the Taiwan Wind Energy Association. Mr. Lien-Kwei Chien.

TIER was established in 1976 to conduct research on domestic and foreign macroeconomics and industrial economics to assist the Taiwanese government and other enterprises in decision-making processes aimed at promoting the growth of the Taiwanese economy. The WFO is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to promote the development of the international offshore wind industry. The collaboration should greatly benefit the members and Taiwan.

Taiwan has produced a roadmap targeting net zero by 2050. Taiwan aims to increase its share of renewable energy to 60 – 70% by 2050. With such ambitious goals, the WFO has decided to partner to the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research to contribute training, workshops, seminars and more.

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