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Market analysis and economic study calls for community input into housing survey — Waterbury Roundabout

Revitalizing Waterbury is seeking the public’s help to participate in a survey as part of a Waterbury market analysis and economic development study.

The study is done in conjunction with a New York State-based community planning consultancy called Main Street Group. According to Director of Economic Development Mark Pomilio Jr., the project will revisit many topics covered in a 2012 market analysis following Tropical Storm Irene which had a significant impact on the local economy.

New areas covered by the current study include a short-term rental analysis and a postcode study that researches trends among retail shoppers in local stores.

The study will be divided into three main parts, data collection analysis, community outreach and engagement, and overall strategies and recommendations, Pomilio said. As the 2012 study by South Carolina firm Arnett Muldrow and Associates helped inform the city after Irene, this current assessment comes to another important point for Waterbury, as the Main Street reconstruction project has been recently completed and Waterbury along with all of Vermont continues to adapt. to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the goals of the study is to help inform the community about possible next steps with up-to-date data and data, Pomilio said. The results of this study, which should be completed by the end of the year, will be shared with the community.

A Project Advisory Committee has been established to help guide the study and work with Revitalizing Waterbury staff and the consulting firm. Committee members are local business owners and community members who meet monthly to discuss study progress and make recommendations. The members of this group are: Kathy Murphy, owner of Stowe Street Emporium; Mark Drutman of Craft Beer Cellar; Anastasia Kohl, operator of The Wine Vault; John Grenier, of Grenier Engineering; David Rye, owner of the former Vermont 100 store; Katrina Veerman of PK Coffee; and Tabbatha Henry from Tabbatha Henry Designs.

Pomilio said Main Street Group had already surveyed some residents and tourists in the community over the summer and early fall. The current survey effort is focused on collecting housing data from Waterbury residents and people who live within a 20-mile radius. The more people who participate, the better the information gathering will be, Pomilio said.

The survey questions ask where people live and work, their occupations and household income, and whether they rent or own their homes. It also lists a number of suggestions for future housing in the community to gauge respondents’ opinions, such as the location of new housing and the types of housing that would be attractive, such as small houses, new construction, reassignment of existing structures or the addition of accessory units. to residential properties.

Some sections of the survey also include questions specific to tenants and landlords.

The survey will be open until the end of October. There are several ways to participate. It can be found online on the RW website with more information. A direct link to the survey form can be found here.

For those who prefer a paper form, a link to a PDF image of the survey form is below. Click to open and you can print a hard copy. Printed paper forms can also be picked up and dropped off at the Waterbury Revitalization Office (46 S. Main St. behind Waterbury Sports, 2nd Floor, Rear Entrance) or the Waterbury Public Library on North Main Street.