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A Confused Old Man Believes The Economic System That Caused Climate Change Will Magically Fix It

A baffled 50-year-old with no experience of the world outside Sydney’s elite feels that the same economic system that led to the overconsumption of fossil fuels that caused ‘once in a hundred years’ weather events every two weeks is the same system that will get the world back on track.

The man, who has profited from industries accelerating the climate crisis, told reporters that government intervention was not needed to correct the market failures plaguing these industries.

The plan depends on the expectation that companies will put the welfare of society before profits, or in other words, expect them to behave in a way that no company will. has ever behaved in the history of modern society.

The man assured reporters that although he has no intention of lifting a finger to help mitigate the damage of the climate crisis, and has in fact taken action to make it worse, he will be there to take credit for the industry’s accomplishments if they come up with a miraculous solution.

By David from The ‘Berran

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