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The transition to the alternative to the USD will destroy the American economic system

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MINSK, Aug. 5 (BelTA) — The transition to an alternative to the dollar will mean the collapse of the economic system of the United States of America, Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Research (BISR), told V Time [On Point] online project on the BelTA YouTube channel.

“We all understand that the dollar is a kind of sham, an arrangement that allows the United States to print unbacked paper notes that are accepted by the whole world. Although in reality they are not supported by anything. The United States of America has done everything to nip in the bud any attempt to destroy the dollar system. Remember Gaddafi. He found himself in the crosshairs when he announced his plans to introduce a new gold-backed currency for North Africa. The transition to the dollar alternative would mean the collapse of the dollar system,” said Aleksei Avdonin.

He noted that after the start of the special military operation, Russia decided to switch to ruble settlements. “They pegged the rubles to the real equivalent of value – to gas. Thus, they gradually and systematically began to destroy the dollar system. The dollar is not pegged to gas or oil, and all the world knows this well. It is supported by the defense industry and the American armed forces. They in turn immediately destroy countries that declare alternative value equivalents, ”said the political scientist.

According to him, China, Russia, India and the countries of the Middle East are aware that everyone is fed up with the Anglo-Saxons. “They are fed up economically, they are fed up with their exploitation. The world should be different. And the president very clearly explained to the journalist from France-Presse that the citizens of European countries are waiting for the coming to power of national leaders. Those who will care about their people and do anything to earn the respect of their nation. If you talk to Germans, you will see a kind of adulation for Americans. At the same time, for example, Charles de Gaulle won the respect of the independent French nation of the United States of America. Why don’t they host US military bases like Germany does? Because de Gaulle did everything to rid France of the presence of the Americans,” said Aleksei Avdonin.