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The author proposes a new religion based on economic policy and modern religious values

Using his life experiences over the past 53 years, author Rémi Richer has crafted a new, more modern religion that he is excited to share with the world. Richer sees this release of this book as the first step in a new era, proposing two fundamental structures for any new civilization: its religion and its economic paradigm.

The Crystal Religion is a new religion which is universal, and which integrates into a whole new framework the main beliefs of the religions of the past. It gives renewed meaning to life and offers a theory of the story from Adam to the present day. It also offers a map of the soul, explaining all its dimensions, its principles, its dynamics, its temporality, at work at the level of the individual, society or the world.

“The book proposes a new economic paradigm, associated with liberal socialism, whose goal is to cure the evils of capitalism”, explains Richer, “not by returning to liberticidal communism, but by creating a new economic system where employment, not direct profit, is the holy grail of any business.

Through “The Crystal Religion and Liberal Socialism,” Richer hopes to share this new religion with the world and help readers reach a higher level of consciousness.

“In these times of fragmentation of society due to the struggle for life and the decreasing influence of the religions of the past, it is necessary to find a new system of thought of the world, a new universal explanation of the laws of our world as it’s today, not like in the past,” says Richer. “It is time to envision a new religion that reconnects people with each other and with the soul of our new world, and a new economic paradigm that pacifies economic relations between classes of society. »

“The Crystal Religion and Liberal Socialism”

By Remi Richer

ISBN: 9781489740175 (softcover); 9781489740182 (electronic)

Available at Vibrant Edition, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

About the Author

Rémi Richer is a computer engineer with a degree from the Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Paris, and holds a master’s degree in human resources management from the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises. He worked for ten years on major industrial IT programs, then fifteen years on IT projects for Human Resources. He carried out numerous projects in the field of payroll, which enabled him to imagine the basic idea of ​​his new economic paradigm. “The Crystal Religion and Liberal Socialism” has been published in English, French and Spanish. To learn more, please visit


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