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Our interactive tool gives you the ability to explore, analyze and download detailed data for various groups of people in the US labor market. The data comes from responses to the monthly Current Population Survey (CPS). Use the data explorer to dive into the survey results and discover your own insights.

Use the Data Explorer to compare labor market outcomes, such as employment, job search rates, and earnings, for different demographic groups at specific times or to see how people experience a group changes over time. I’m ready to explore!

Final tutorial: How do recessions affect the gender balance in the labor market?

In past recessions, men lost their jobs more than women. So what happened during the pandemic recession? (video, 1:56)

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Information source

Our data comes from responses to the Current Population Survey (CPS), conducted monthly by the US Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They usually start in 1976 and go through the most recent report.

Labor market data

Current Population Survey, US Bureau of the Census.

Recession data

National Bureau of Economic Research Business Cycle Dating Committee.

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