About Us

Towards a new Enlightenment

The Policy Institute, now part of Reform Scotland, was an independent body committed to researching how liberal principles of market economics, the rule of law and limited government can be applied to modern Scotland. This site is maintained so that the Institute’s body of research continues to be freely available.

The aims of the Institute

The Policy Institute’s role was educational. Acting as a forum for ideas, its aim was to encourage thinking to improve Scotland’s performance and prosperity, and bring this to as wide an audience as possible.

It pursued these aims by publishing policy papers and analysis and presenting these to the highest editorial standards through publications, articles, seminars, public debates and other events. Areas of concern were the Scottish economy; the quality and efficiency of public services; environmental and social issues and the governance of Scotland.

Acting as a catalyst for research and debate, the Institute had no corporate view on these issues. The views of authors and speakers are their own.

If you have any queries about the Policy Institute or its work, please contact Tom Miers.