Economic policy

ANC draft economic policy paper addresses skills development and small business issues – SABC News

The African National Congress (ANC) has defended its latest draft economic policy document. The yet-to-be-discussed document proposes changes in skills development, small business and digital transformation.

The document also proposes to modernize the country’s post office, to make it more digital and even to transform it in some places into an Internet cafe.

Dakota Legoete, a member of the ANC’s communications subcommittee, said the ANC is currently filing its discussion policy documents under severe economic constraints.

He further elaborates: “We are facing a challenge of floods, slow economic growth and I think that is the context in which you will have to understand that as the ruling party we have the burden of leadership and responsibility to make sure that we deal with all of these challenges.We are at a stage where we are dealing with an intermediate supply of electricity which is having a negative impact on the economy.

ANC engages stakeholders

Ahead of its policy conference in late July, the ANC began engaging stakeholders on its policy papers on economic transformation and the battle of ideas. It intends to solicit input from a cross-section of society on its policy ideas in order to shape and guide them.

He says his political positions stem from the Freedom Charter, which states that all citizens should share in the country’s wealth. According to the ANC, energy security is a top priority, along with the traditional scourges of unemployment, poverty and inequality, as SABC News’ Nompumelelo Siziba reports:

Although industry experts have deemed the ANC’s proposed policies weak, Legoete says their draft policies were tailor-made to meet recent economic challenges emanating from pandemics, natural disasters and the Russian war. -Ukrainian. He highlights the KwaZulu-Natal floods as an example of new proposals being made to mitigate such disasters.

Legoete believes that through building regulations, town planning schemes and land use plans, they will examine the precautionary requirements for the foundations of a house. The new reinforcements must be compatible with some of the challenges and flooding encountered at KZN. Through research institutions and scientific collaboration, the ANC believes it is in a position that can mitigate the challenges posed by climate change.

ANC economic transformation chief Mmamoloko Kubayi says this policy document is different from the previous one.

“It is wrong to say that the document we have today is no different from previous policies. These policies seek to find terms to re-emphasize areas that we believe are lacking. Social compaction was not there in the last policy document as explicit as it is now. We say this is not final, and we are posting these documents as the ANC to ask if we are on the right track in terms of ANC policy.

The ANC says it has made ongoing proposals and assessments of broadcasting policies. As part of the improvement of postal services, new modern facilities and conveniences like internet cafe and other related services are among the new services that ANC would like the Post Office to consider as part of the improvement and modernization of society.

He further proposes that the post office be transformed and modernized. To meet the demands of modern society, he also wants WiFi to be cheaper for citizens.

The ANC also made new proposals for skills development and small businesses. The policy document proposes the development of a national strategy for macro-enterprises which will include the development of a law on microfinance.

The proposed policies will become a manifesto that will contribute to the ANC manifesto for the 2024 elections.

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