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Free Books! 09/08/2004

The Institute has a limited number of surplus copies of its first five publications:

- Scotland's Enterprise Deficit, by Professor Donald Mackay and others.
- Calling The Tune - A critique of arts funding in Scotland, by Professor Sir Alan Peacock and others.
- Calling Scotland To Account - Policy options for spending and taxation, by various commentators.
- Scotland's Economy: New Ways Forward, by various commentators.
- What Future for Scotland? Policy Options For Devolution, by various commentators.

There is a summary of each on the 'Research and Publications' page of this web site. Each pamphlet is published in attractive, glossy A5 format.

If you would like any of these, please call Tom Miers on (0131) 620 8587 or e-mail on tmiers@policyinstitute.info
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