Economic system

Our economic system is on life support. But who are we really saving?

Today, a decade after the onset of austerity, we are paying the price for this ideological crusade. Our health systems are sorely under-resourced and our public institutions are ill-equipped to respond to the challenges we face. Of course, it is welcome that governments are now loosening the purse strings to help individuals and businesses through […]

Economic policy

The global economic policy response to the coronavirus is taking shape

Stock markets around the world continue to twirl wildly as investors consider significant downside risks to a new baseline scenario of a global recession later this year and into 2021. Despite the formulation and deployment of significant policy responses economic policy to the spread of the coronavirus, the United States and the European Union will […]

Economic policy

The economic policy response to COVID-19: what next?

As the public health crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the economic consequences are becoming increasingly clear. To stem the spread of this disease, governments and businesses are making political and business decisions that are rapidly bringing parts of the economy to a standstill. Spending will fall rapidly at many businesses as people practice […]

Economic policy

Global Perspectives on Economic Policy

Guest Gianni Amisano is chief of the Current Macroeconomic Conditions Section of the Research and Statistics Division of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. He is also a senior researcher at the Center for Economic Analysis in Rimini. Amisano’s main research interests include Bayesian inferential techniques, financial time series models, structural VAR […]